Chen Sea Resort & Spa

Chen Sea Resort & Spa
Chen Sea Resort & Spa

The Chen Sea Resort and Spa Phu Quoc Island

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The Chen Sea Resort and Spa Phu Quoc Island has been o pened on 1 Nov 2008. Chen Sea Resort & SPA is located in a quiet bay, which allows the Guests to enjoy the peace of Phu Quoc Island and at the same time the exclusive atmosphere that the location suggests.

Chen Sea Resort & Spa
Chen Sea Resort & Spa

The Resort is born after a long passionate study in order to be integrated and to respect the uncontaminated nature of the bay and of the coastal zone.

Chen Sea Resort & Spa ROOMS

All the Bungalow are sea view, but the Chen Sea Resort & Spa offers 24 Sea view Villas & 12 Pool Sea view Villas.

Chen Sea Resort & Spa
Chen Sea Resort & Spa

The 24 Sea view Villas are brick wall accommodations offering a high level standard and the same room amenities of the higher category. All the villas have also a marvelous outdoor tropical bathroom.

The 12 Pool Sea view Villas are wooden Hoi An typical Houses, moved and rebuilt. Every villa has brick wall that follow the old house structure in order to guarantee the comfort for the guest. As the accommodation name suggests each villa offers a outdoor private pool provided with fresh water.

All the villas are air conditioned, with remote control management.


The SPA is built around an old traditional house from the famous area of Hoi An, perfectly mixing modern concepts and local culture.

Chen Sea Resort & Spa
Chen Sea Resort & Spa

Simplicity and refinement, always according to the oriental style and as the ancient name “Chen Sea” reminds us, are the dominant leit-motiv for decorations and furniture inside the rooms, all equipped with international in-room amenities to ensure the maximum comfort for all guests.

Chen Sea Restaurant

Chen Sea Restaurant, perfectly located in front of the sea, is specialized in Mediterranean cuisine but will delight the guest also with International & Local Cuisine.

Chen Sea Resort & Spa
Chen Sea Resort & Spa

The resort is offering also many different water sports facilities in order to allow the guest, not only to relax, but also to enjoy their stay.

The famous South-east Asia hospitality mixed with Chen Sea Resort & Spa high standard services is a guaranty of satisfaction for the guests.

Sport, Activities and Free Time at Chen Sea : List of the activities and sports guests can enjoy at Chen Sea Resort & Spa:

  • Bicycle trekking
  • Swimming Pool
  • Pool Tables
  • Activity / leisure centre
  • Private Picnics
  • Organized local and city tours
  • Mountain, culture and river excursions
  • Motorbike & mountain bike rental